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Congratulations to the following awards achieved by Ruby Slippers!

Senior Group

Spring Harvest 春采 - 2024 Taoli World Dance Spring Competition Gold Award, Age Group Winner

Junior Group

Blooming 绽放 - 2024 Taoli World Dance Spring Competition Gold Award,  Age Group Winner

Senior Group

Elegant Shades of Embroidery 绣影叠香 - 2023 Taoli World Dance Competition Elite Platinum Award, Top 10 Overall, Group Winner

Junior Group

Charm of Spring Blossom 国韵春华 - 2023 Taoli World Dance Competition Elite Platinum Award, Top 10 Overall, "East Meets West" Judge's Choice Award, Contemporary Category Winner, Group Winner

Senior Group

Our Song 我们的歌 - 2021 Taoli World Dance Competition Platinum Award 

Rain Maidens 雨打芭蕉 - 2021 Taoli World Dance Competition Gold Award

Junior Group

Soaring Herons 振鹭于飞 - 2021 Taoli World Dance Competition Platinum Award

​Love of Lotus 爱莲说 - 2021 Taoli World Dance Competition Gold Award

Senior Group - Dance: Rain Maidens 雨打芭蕉

"Best Popularity Award" among the 1000 dances in 2020 International Virtual Dance Showcase hold by Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance

Junior Group - Dance: Soaring Herons 振鹭于飞

2019-20 Taoli World Dance NJ Regional Competition Elite Platinum Award, 1st place in the age group.  Please see the news reported here.

Senior Group

2018 Honorable Mention - Plum Dance

Junior Group

3rd place winner in the 2019 Huawu Bei - Spirits of the Sea

1st place winner in the 2018 Huawu Bei - Dunhuang Dance


Senior Group

Winner of the 2012 International Dance Challenge Competition

Honorable Mention at the CSAUS Chinese Dance Competition

(The group came home from the competition as the Sr. Production Champion and as the Sr. Ultimate Group Challenge Champion! They also received a special judge's award for best costumes and a chance to compete at Nationals in Tampa, Florida. We would also like to congratulate Jenny Liu, of the Junior Group, as she also attended the competition and was the Jr. Solo Champion!)

Junior Group

1st Place at the Chinese School Association in the United States Dance Competition


Senior Small Group

"By the Riverbank" 1st Place at the 2016 Raleigh International Festival Competition

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